Spartito / Lead Sheet "Non C'È Pace Fra Gli Ulivi

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Spartito / Lead Sheet "Non C'È Pace Fra Gli Ulivi

Post by Tomm » Mon Oct 19, 2020 5:54 am

"Non C'È Pace Fra Gli Ulivi"

Valzer / Waltz - Orchestra Casadei, released in1965.

Spartito Non ce Pace fra gli Ulivi.PDF
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"Non C'È Pace Fra Gli Ulivi" recalls the movie by that name (In English "There Is No Peace Among The Olive Trees"), a 1950 Italian neorealist drama film directed by Giuseppe De Santis and starring Raf Vallone, Lucia Bosé and Folco Lulli. A young shepherd returns home after the Second World War having been held in a prisoner of war camp. He finds that the local landowner has stolen his sheep and his girlfriend. When he also assaults and murders his sister, the shepherd takes revenge (Wikipedia).

Btw, you can find a great demo and backing track for this song at, a great resource for a wide range of professional and customizable backing tracks for classic Italian accordion music and more...

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